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Ducting Inspection, Cleaning and Dry Ice Technology

Having visibility of contamination and general condition is the first step to maintaining compliance, cleanliness, efficiency and duty of care towards health and best practice, but its what you cant see that always causes the problem.

Through our knowledge of HVAC and LEV systems both On and Off shore we identified industry needed not just another cleaning system but a system that produces Video evidence for records, facilitating good maintenance practice and compliance whilst reducing fire risk and adding comfort to the personnel within a facility but also cleans to the highest standard.

Our Brush cleaning and dry ice blasting technologies can clean the dirtiest, grease laden ducting or galleys in any environment with minimum down time and virtually no mess and no high volume liquid waste.

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Case Studies

Black Isle

This inspection of the community and sports centre in Black Isle was on their boiler vent system.

The system used was our mini-inspector robot which was able to go through the trunking and film for the report to our client without any intervention of the system.

Wood Group Galley on Hummingbird

The attached video is of an actual inspection, clean and post inspection of an offshore galley.

The system used is our DC4 Intelligent Brush system. In conjunction with our specialist Ventilators & Filters.

Our system cut out the need to created new hatches in the ducting as we can travel up to 15 metres using one inspection hatch.

Leuchars Office Fire

Due to an office fire at Leuchars Air Base, we were invited to inspect the office ducting due to a fire in the building.

Equipment used was the mini-inspector robot in conjunction with the DC4 Intelligent Brush system

Part of the video shows the versatility of the inspector robot entering T-Pieces on different levels.

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